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Granite is synonymous with resistance, elegance, and sophistication. As to its color, it is more mixed and presents black points, while marble has a more uniform color. For this reason, Granite is easily polished, reaching a high level of shine, besides being highly resistant to water absorption and scratches.


Quartz countertops are a clean, modern choice for any design. Quartz is a relatively new and modern addition to the family of countertop materials. Durability, easy maintenance and variety in texture make quartz the ideal material for countertops that need to look great for a long time.


The physical characteristics and mineral composition of marble give this ornamental rock, of calcareous origin, beauty and sophistication, low porosity and functional advantages, being one of the most resistant stones. For this reason, marble draws the attention of the national and international market. It can be applied in counters, countertops, floors, wall cladding, among others.


Creating a beautiful and practical environment is a great challenge, because a well-developed project demands time and dedication. An excellent way to guarantee aesthetics and functionality is to invest in a good tile in several types of environments, taking into account the ease of installation and cleaning and, of course, your decoration style.

Kitchen & Bathroom
Make your environment modern and practical


You must have read somewhere about the importance of maintaining balance and harmony in decorating, right? An excellent way to create aesthetic balance in the kitchen is to choose floor and wall coverings that talk to each other.


You can choose different materials – such as porcelain tile for the floor and tile for the wall – combining shades or textures. Well-planned closets and fireplaces also help to create a harmonious and pleasing to the eye environment.